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Power electronics

A comprehensive power electronics portfolio and the expertise to optimize vehicle performance, driving dynamics and range. Power Electronics products efficiently invert alternating current to direct current, convert power from low-voltage to high-voltage, and control energy flow between electric vehicle components.

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48V DC/DC converter

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High-voltage DC/DC converter

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Integrated power electronics

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We make the electric revolution work.*

Eaton combines years of electrical, mechanical and fluid power management expertise to create innovative, sustainable vehicle electrification technologies. Together we can explore the possibilities and evolve transportation to carry customers with greater safety and efficiency. Because that's what matters. And we're here to make it work.

Customer needs:

  • Converting power from the grid, to battery, to vehicle
  • Managing high-quality power to traction and auxiliary motors
  • Packaging high-power density components

Eaton competencies:

  • Recognized as a global leader in power conversion
  • Deep expertise in industrial power electronics
  • Transferable future technology from Electrical Sector
  • Strong innovation pipeline in intelligent power management