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Vacuum interrupters

Eaton is a global leader in custom vacuum interrupter solutions, meeting both international and regional industry standards such as IEEE in the Americas, IEC in EMEA, and GB/DL in Asia-Pacific. Medium voltage circuit breakers and switchgear OEMs have successfully leveraged Eaton's customer vacuum interrupter solutions to create and sustain a differentiated market position.
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Custom vacuum interrupters

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Eaton Series 8 vacuum interrupter

A heritage of innovation

Since the first developments to build an efficient and economic vacuum interrupter over 100 years ago, Eaton has been on the forefront of innovative and safe technology.

Interrupting power in a safe way

At Eaton, safety is a high priority. That’s why we put valuable time and effort into industry-leading circuit protection, ultimately helping to keep you and your customers safe. Purchasing counterfeit or reused vacuum interrupters from an unauthorized source can put your reputation and your worker’s safety at risk.